Copper Ridge Prospect

High-grade copper assays were returned from a suite of 28 rock chip samples taken at the Copper Ridge prospect, located one mile (1.6 km) southwest of the main Contact Copper Deposit resource area, on which a 2013 Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) was completed. A 2012 surface sampling program returned grades of up to 12.4% copper in grab samples, from outcrops with visible copper oxide mineralization within quartz monzonite host rock. Samples were collected in an area of claims that were acquired in 2011 by predecessor company Enexco. Grab samples were collected from an approximately 8,000 by 2,000 foot area (2,500m by 600 m). This area has never been drill tested and previous activity is limited to shallow, historic prospect pits.

Contact Ridge Prospect Map

The purpose of the sampling program was to determine if additional geologic work was warranted to identify drill targets in the area. The results confirmed previous sample results and warrants follow-up work to identify near-surface, copper oxide material that could compliment the Contact Deposit Resource.

Contact Ridge Prospect Map

Select grab samples range from trace to 12.4% copper.  Highlights include:

Copper Ridge Prospect Samples
Sample No. Sample Type % Copper
51705 outcrop 2.94
51706 outcrop 0.84
51707 outcrop 3.05
51709 outcrop 0.64
51710 outcrop 1.24
51711 outcrop 0.68
51712 outcrop 0.12
86675 outcrop 3.44
86676 outcrop 1.19
85317 outcrop 9.79
85319 outcrop 4.69
85321 outcrop/dike 1.44
85322 outcrop 1.35
85323 outcrop 2.40
85324 outcrop 1.29
86679 outcrop/vein 1.00
86680 outcrop/vein 5.57
86684 outcrop 2.58
86686 outcrop 2.73
86687 outcrop 1.53
86689 outcrop 1.24
86690 outcrop 2.24
86691 outcrop 10.20
86692 outcrop/vein 12.40
86669 outcrop 0.57
86670 outcrop 3.12
86671 outcrop/dike 0.99
86673 outcrop 2.03
Contact Ridge Prospect

This information showcases the significant exploration potential on the 5,900 acre overall project area. With this close proximity to the Contact PFS level project, there is an opportunity to explore various strategic initiatives to advance potential work programs – be it in a joint venture with interested parties, or in a stand alone phase 1 drill program. These surface samples demonstrate the prospectivity of the historic Contact Mining District – a copper producer from 1909 to the 1940’s.