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CopperBank was founded in 2014 during the commodity bear market by a group of well respected entrepreneurs, geologists and engineers. The business model is to consolidate world-class copper properties and offer investors maximum optionality to higher copper prices. The established reserves and resources of our 100% controlled projects act as the asset base in this low-overhead “pounds in the ground” strategy. The Company controls two advanced projects that are located in the United States. Contact Copper that is at the pre-feasibility stage in Elko County, Nevada and Copper Creek located in Pinal County, Arizona. It would take in excess of $120 Million to duplicate the work programs completed on these projects.

We aim to strategically advance each of our projects by way of accretive exploration and development, or, partnership, joint venture and monetization to provide a return to our shareholders outside of share appreciation.

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CopperBank was created by a group of well respected investors, geologists and engineers to consolidate world-class copper properties and offer a unique "pounds in the ground" copper investment vehicle. Our strategy is to accretively advance our portfolio while managing the core business like owner operators and vehemently protecting our value offering on a per share basis.

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