About Us

CopperBank was created by a group of well respected investors, geologists and engineers to consolidate world-class copper properties and offer a unique “pounds in the ground” copper investment vehicle. Our strategy is to accretively advance our portfolio while managing the core business like owner operators and vehemently protecting our value offering on a per share basis. Due to our low overhead model and established suite of projects, CopperBank has one of the lowest G&A operating budgets of any publicly listed company in Canada. The management of CopperBank have demonstrated intensive insider buying distinguishing our brand as one of the most insider supported companies in North America.

CopperBank's Philosophy

Offer investors maximum optionality to future copper prices as a pounds in the ground strategy by:

  1. Hold established, well situated projects
  2. Manage like owner operators
  3. Vehemently protect the value per share

Find us listed on:

Borse Frankfurt Logo9CP
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Currently CopperBank holds the Contact Copper Project located in Elko County, Nevada and the Copper Creek Project located in Pinal County, Arizona. The companies initial public flotation at 0.10 per share was on November 7, 2014 and now trades on The Canadian Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Main Boerse and OTC in the USA.